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We help you automate online sales and referrals to grow your business
Would You Like Us To Build Your Marketing Campaign Live?!
If You Join Our Community Of Entrepreneurs Then Here Is What You Will Get
  • Live Webinar Walk-Through
  • Online Sales Process Set-Up While You Watch!
  • Attraction Sales Messages for Your Unique Business
  •  Campaign Automation
  •  Referral Ambassadors
Each meeting we highlight one company to build their marketing campaign with a team of entrepreneurs. With each sale the system has a built in process to automatically pay each person that sent the referral.
Do you hate selling?
Online selling is supposed to be easy but it can be hard and expensive. 
If you had a magic money machine that would pay you $10 for every $1 you put into it, how much money would you put into it?
When was the last time you received a referral?
Asking for referrals can be awkward and the ones you receive are nothing more than leads who have no idea who you are.
We have created a system to automate the referral process. We then help and teach entrepreneurs how to leverage social media without having to waste money advertising!
With our system you only pay for performance!

Spartan Local Networking

Helping Online and Offline Businesses

Presented by Gaspar Michel

Online and Offline Entrepreneur
Online Entrepreneur
You have or want a digital business and looking for potential clients to sell to.
Offline Entrepreneur
You have a face to face business and you are looking to grow or scale it.
You want or need to make some extra money by helping others.
BONUS: If you're a Local Infleuncer that can help business owners to use social media and online referrals, this is for you too!
Every company needs customers!
We created a community of entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs and help each other and help themselves grow. 
Humans are not built for independent growth.
You do not have to be alone as an entrepreneur.
Do you have a dream?
Do you have a goal?
a purpose that only you can accomplish?
Unfortunately most entrepreneurs are not surrounded by people that are chasing their dreams, goals, and purpose.
That is why we created this community...
"There is power in proximity"
"Tony Robbins"
"If you have 9 broke friends then you will be the 10th"
"Steve Harvey"
2 Reasons Why A Business Fails
According to Grant Cardone
  • Obscurity: Your potential customer doesn't know who you are. People like to buy from people they know and trust
  • ​Forgettable: Is your business forgettable? Do you serve your customer at their highest level? 
Do you feel that you are not called to be average?
Do you believe you are called to be extraordinary?
You need to surround yourself with others with the same mindset
Ways to make money online in 2019
How people are making money right now
  • Affiliate Marketing: Get paid to help companies sell to more customers
  • ​E-Commerce: Sell products or services online
  • ​Digital Marketing: Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms
  • ​Coaching/Consulting: Helping others achieve their goals
  • ​Publish a Book: Get paid to write about your passions
  • ​Local Marketing: Help local businesses get more customers
All your future clients are online!!!
It is cheaper and more effective to get clients through referrals and online than with expensive advertising.
What you will learn about inside the community
Each session you will learn about different strategies and companies
  • ​How to get customers to pay you before you meet them so you don't waste time giving a bunch of "free quotes"
  • ​How a local gym is able to leverage the network of customers and influencers without wasting money on advertising
  • ​How an entrepreneur was able to sell nearly $1 Million for a local manufacturer
  •  Many more...
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